Below you will find the route maps to all all of our current events.

Ride at the front or simply finish! 

Oregon Gran Fondo Saturday 6/2/18


The Oregon Gran Fondo has routes for everyone from 40,71,117 or 137 miles of pure road riding — from enthusiests, Racers, Club Teams and amateur riders and everything inbetween.

It’s a celebration of cycling that features both competition, and riding just for the fun or challenge for one great day on the bike.

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The Oregon Coast Gravel Epic Saturday 5/5/18


The Oregon Coast Gravel Epic routes demand you have a minimum of 32's for tires. The routes are 50% Gravel and 50% paved logging roads and features some of the best support, best vistas and a 3 mile ride back on the Oregon Coast Hwy after your adventure. Wool Socks Included! 

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Sasquatch Duro July 29th, 2018

Hard Route

The Sasquatch Duro moves around each year to bring adventure into your life. Built on a gravel foundation, this route for 2017 seems harmless at 45 miles, but with 5300 ft and Rock so big for a few miles you will test your inner sasquatch. 65% Gravel and reccomended tires at least 32's and bigger is better.


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