The Oregon Triple Crown Series

Registration Opens - November 5th, 2016

Oregon Triple Crown website
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2017 Registration opens 11/5/2016 at the 2016 Oregon Triple Crown Party 

USE Code team4 for 10% off for all groups of riders or OBRA Teams and use your special OTC discounts from this year until 12/31/16  

Register HERE Adventure awaits!




Presenting Sponsors

The 2017 Oregon Triple Crown presented by Co-Motion Cycles and Rolf Prima Wheel Systems along with support from many others.

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 ( Long courses 3 events 250 + miles or Medio Route 3 events 150+ Miles)


Oregon Triple Crown website

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The Oregon Triple Crown Series is a series of three Cycling Events in Oregon featuring 1 or 2 routes per event. These events match endurance and adventure with community involvement and mechanical support along the way.

What separates the Oregon Triple Crown apart is great courses, friends and delicious local food and beverages at each event.

Sign up for the whole OTC series to have your cumulative time recorded for the overall age group placing in both the long and medium distances.

Prizes include:
Custom gear bag at the first event for the fist 100 signed up

Custom Pactimo Jersey for the Long and Medio Courses 
Chance to win a Custom Co-Motion Klatch Frame at the post-Series Party.
Chance to win a Wheel Set from Rolf Prima Wheels at each event and at the series party
Special discounts for next years Oregon Triple Crown

The Plan!
Step one:

Register for the Long Route (Gran) distances or the Medium (Medio) Distances in all three events Oregon Triple Crown Series as a series pass.


Register for any of the three Oregon Triple Crown Events first:
Oregon Coast Gravel Epic April 22, 2017
Oregon Gran Fondo May 21st, 2017 with Special Guest Star Levi Leipheimer and the King Ridge Foundation. 
Sasquatch Duro July 29th, 2017 (Location in the works Valley or Central Oregon, mix of road and gravel)


Sign up for the Oregon Triple Crown Add on to be tracked for the Series if you register for one event and want to add on. Please note you must come to the Oregon Coast Gravel Epic to be allowed to participant in the series.
This is a 4.5-8 hr journey for the long course and a 2.5-5 hr journey for the medium loop.

The routes vary to include the Oregon Gran Fondo in Cottage Grove, Oregon for 117 or 71 Miles of road cycling, to the 60% road, 40% Gravel Oregon Coast Gravel Epic in Waldport Oregon.

The Oregon Coast Gravel Epic features the Abomination Route of 100K or 60K in the Son of Abomination Route with finishing times of 4.5 to 8 hrs with a finish view of the Pacific Ocean.

The 3rd round is announced each year and wraps up the year in late June or Late July depending on the route selected.

Adventure awaits at the Oregon Triple Crown!


The 2017 Oregon Triple Crown Series includes the Long courses and Medio Courses with unique awards afforded to those that complete the journey. 

  • The Abomination Route and Son of Abomination Route Oregon Coast Gravel Epic (April 22nd, 100K or 60K 60% Road, 40% Gravel) Gran route at the Oregon Gran Fondo (May 21st, Cottage Grove, Or) and the Sasquatch Duro on July 29th, 2017 (Location TBD, Valley or Central Oregon)
  • We will recognize those cyclists who commit now and sign up for all three events and are then able to finish all three of these courses in the 2017 Series for the Gran or Medio Routes. OTC Series Registration ends 30 days prior to the final event in the series and no exceptions will be made.
  • You MUST be signed up for either the OTC series or register for the Oregon Triple Crown add on if signed up for only one of the events.  
  • These rides are among the most challenging in Oregon and require 250+ miles of hard cycling and 20,000 feet of climbing for the Gran Series and 180+ Miles and 10,000+ ft for the Medio Series. Those who are up to the challenge of finishing all three long courses in 2017 Series win the title, custom Pactimo Jersey and the lifetime benefits accorded Oregon Triple Crown Series honorees.  

Are you up for the challenge?

Please remember that we have field limits overall to maintain a solid event without sacrificing that intimate and remote experience.

Please see individual events for specific field limits.

Please note that our registration platform allows you to cancel up to 7 days before any event through I am Athlete and receive a discount code for 12 months to use on any event hosted by I am Athlete registration. 


Course Dynamics (course make up)

Oregon Coast Gravel Epic is 60% gravel and 40% Road and amazing! (Crab cakes and Burgers, and in season vegi's)

Oregon Gran Fondo all road and beautiful pavement as you head towards the Coast from Cottage Grove.

117 or 71 glorious miles on BLM and Lane and Douglas County roads.  One amazing loop and downtown Cottage Grove is closed off for this event.

(Amazing food from Backstage Bakery)


Sasquatch Duro 60% Gravel and 40% Road starting in Bellfountain for this upcoming year. Please note this final event will be moving from year to year. 

Categories for all OTC events 

15-18, 19-29,30-39,40-49,50-59,60+ Men and Women for the Gran and Medio Routes

Team Categories for All events (Team,/Club or group discounts on the learn more tabs of each event)

4th wheel across the line of 8 maximum riders. USE Code team4 for 10% off if registering a group or team

Some important safety rules and info for riders on how you are tracked, and in event downgrading to the Medio from the Gran or "GTM" and Team makeup and categories 

 Oregon Triple Crown Rules and Safety

- 2017 limited edition, custom-designed Pactimo “Oregon Triple Crown” cycling jersey. NOBODY gets this jersey unless they are confirmed finishers on all three of the long or Medio courses described above in the same calendar year.

Images Coming soon for 2017 for the Gran Route and Medio (shorter distance)

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Awards for overall age groups at post event party based on cumulative time for all 3 events with custom Jerseys for all OTC participants

Special Prizes such as a Klatch Frame from Co-Motion Cycles and a Set of  amazing wheels from Rolf Prima will be raffled away at the post-event celebration at Tacovore on November 5th 2016 at 1:30pm-5: with awards at 3pm

What's Included when I commit to the Oregon Triple Crown?

  • A Custom Gift Bag available to the first 100 Oregon Triple Crown athletes with Custom Oregon Triple Crown Shirt and many other gifts from our sponsors
  • Pactimo Custom Jersey for all who finish the Oregon Triple Crown Series (Note the Long Route Jersey will be slightly different from the Medio)
  • Opportunity to win a Custom Co-motion Klatch frame  at the OTC Party and a Set of ROLF Prima Wheels 
  • Memories to last a lifetime

Oregon Triple Crown overall age group champions from current year for every age group will get 25% off of the following year through March 31st! 

  • Top 4 men and top 3 women get in free for each season!
  • Top overall Man and Women in the Medio series receive complimentary entry to the following years OTC

This is a great way to set a goal for this season if you are new to cycling and or may want to take a stab at the longer Series in 2017!


You think you’re tough, it’s time to prove it. Register now for the chance to earn your place in this amazing group of friends – and then start training – on the biggest, longest, hills, you can find. In any weather, on any road, paved or not. Enjoy the journey because you’ll never forget it.

Check the Results Tab for each event and cumulative time for the overall and have fun!


Contact Mike Ripley (Series Director) at 541-225-7946 or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.